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    About us

    Dentistry “Mona Lisa Dental” invites all citizens and guests of the city for snow-white smiles!

    The name of our dentistry was not chosen by chance. We admire Italy, the land of beauty and fashion. Our specialists are inspired by the architecture and paintings of Italian masters, particularly, by the mysterious smile of “Mona Lisa”.

    In addition, the philosophy of the Italian style is close to us which means beauty in everything, even in the smallest details. We consider dentistry as an art and daily create our masterpieces.

    Doctors are ready to offer you treatment in the following directions:

    • Therapy (aesthetic restoration; endodontics, treatment of caries, non-carious lesions, root canals, etc.);
    • Professional hygiene;
    • Periodontology (diagnostics and correction of occlusal relationships, splinting, treatment of gingivitis, complex treatment of periodontitis);
    • Surgery (removal, teeth-preserving operations, periodontal surgery, soft tissue surgery);
    • Bleaching (office, home, intracrown);
    • Prosthetics (veneers, metal-ceramic and metal-free crowns, aesthetic micro-prosthetics, adhesive and removable prosthetics);
    • Implantation (sinus lift, prosthetics on implants).

    Additional services:

    • Medical tourism.

    Our specialists:

    Dentists-therapists, orthopedists and surgeons of the first and highest qualification category with a long history of work (15 and more years) work in our dentistry.

    They are not only masters of their work, but also talented artists with a sensitivity of beauty. They will gladly share their warmth and kindness with you.

    Equipment and materials:

    The dentistry is equipped with the installations A dec from USA. We use only the latest generation of Japanese tips with fiber optics and efficient water cooling. Ultrasonic scalers are equipped with dual LED illumination, which provides exceptional visibility of the surgical field and allows you to perform professional hygiene effectively and efficiently. In addition, oral hygiene can be carried out on an improved sanding apparatus Prophy-Mate neo.

    Our doctors use only effective materials and technologies. Purchases are made from the leaders of the dental industry: GC (Japan), DMG (Germany), 3M (USA), Coltene / Whaledent (Switzerland).

    We use only reliable Israeli implant systems and x-ray equipment with wireless digital sensors, which gives low radiation exposure and fast x-ray.

    Our advantages:

    • Convenient work schedule;
    • A wide range of services;
    • Discount systems;
    • Individual approach.

    Dentistry “Mona Lisa Dental”: a sea of smiles.

    Please note that a specialist consultation is required: advertised medical services may have contraindications and adverse reactions.

    I express my gratitude to Alexander!!! It is high level of professionalism!!! He is kind, charismatic, neat and extremely responsible. I did an implant on the mandible! Great job!
    I needed emergency help: a filling splintered off from front teeth. And after I called a lot of clinics, I settled on "Mona Lisa Dental". I signed up for next day at a convenient time. I got an amasing doctor, Elena Vasilevna (unfortunately I don't remember last name). I was treated several teeth, gave recommendations for further treatment, and also sent to the orthodontist for consultation. I am pleased with the visit to this dental clinic, my urgent problems have been solved. I will definitely turn to this clinic for further treatment!
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    Minsk, Repina st., 4
    The intersection of Timiryazeva and Masherova streets
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